Sunday, 13 March 2011

Nearly Done

Well in between cat naps as I am always tired these days. Must be all that healing I am doing. I have nearly finished my next block of Hocuspocusville.

It amazes me how scared we can become of things. I ventured out of the house today annd thought to myself I have to tackle the stairs and not do my bumming across the porch and done the stairs. The first step is easy as it is one step down to the porch. The next lot although only two steps scared the hell out of me. Crutches in place I took the first step down with a girly scream all the way. Then had to do it again. I was about to start having a panic attack but thanks to my wonderful sister and her son cheering me on. I managed it minus the panic attack.

Next step will be to concur the steps going up still to scared to do that though. But it is early days yet.


  1. Every little step counts. I love you're blog, and I'm looking forward to see you're stitching. Take good care.

  2. It looks fabulous...we will have to post a picture later on. If we feel like it :P