Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bad Faerie

Well I have spent the last week working on the Bad Faerie and have managed to finish another page of the pattern. She is really looking good now she has a face and two wings. See what you think.
I have also been working on more hexagon flowers. I am waiting to see if I can go back to work I am hoping yes but think the answer will be no which is okay just means another two months at home. Which means that I will have to spend more time sewing or finding other things to do while laid up.

I haven't done any on the Hocuspocusville Quilt due to not being able to stand to cut the material but hope when I see the Doctor later in the month I get the clearance I need to put a bit of weight on my leg.

I also use to scrapbook and brought myself a Robo Craft machine to cut out all the lettering and shapes needed to make cards or layouts. Which I must say I have never really used maybe I can take these two months and figure out what to do with it. I have done a few projects on it like these ones

The poem was written by daughter aged 5 for my Dad's funeral. Maybe I will continue with some of this if I get sick of sewing (as if)

Well Happy Sewing everyone

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  1. Your doing so well. I love the hexie, and the black wattle fabric is fabulous.

    The faerie looks fabulous and I love Lala's poem...but getting sick of sewing...unlikely.