Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hocuspocus Quilt - Block 5

Here is the finished second block I have done which is block 5 of the pattern.
I was again happy with the way it turned out. I have always found french and colonial knots frustrating and hard to do. With cross stitches for years I have sewn on beads because I could never get those blasted knots. So I thought to myself I will give it another go. Low and behold I got it after a few tries. So for those who have trouble with them don't give up because once you get it they are very easy. This block has around 40 french or colonial knots in it.

Well since finishing this block I thought I would trace up another two blocks do sew over the next week. Step one was to cut the fabric for the next two blocks.
After cutting the fabric I cut the interfacing to iron onto the back to assist with keeping the fabric a little stiffer as you sew

Once the interface was ironed on. I had to trace the pattern onto the fabric for sewing. I use to tape it to the window but this can be tiring on the arm when tracing. Then a friend's very talented and smart mother showed me how she made a light box out of her horn sewing cabinet. With a piece of glass or PVC and a light underneath where the sewing machine sits. Makes a great light box.

After setting up the light box I tape my pattern to the material as I only have a small tracing space and can move the pattern and material as one when needed.

Then all that is left is to turn the light on and trace away
Now to sew the next block or two. Hope they turn out as well as the last two have.


  1. WOW! Your step by step instructions are fabulous and you definately inspire me to greater crafting heights.

  2. This is a great pattern! I have yet to start mine.